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Hey guys, welcome to my online store, my name is Ashley and I thank you so much for taking the time to browse my site.  Simply put, my mission is to heal you while I'm healing myself.  Healing is a journey that starts with your mind.  You have to believe in the power of healing first, then the rest will follow.  Native Americans used a holistic approach to heal and cure themselves of numerous illnesses/diseases/ailments.  Then, modern medicine came along.  Although modern medicine is wonderful, in most cases, it is loosely prescribed; leading to addiction, misuse, and causing damage to other organs.  With anything, you should always take any medicine prescribed responsibly, and recognize when your physician is just treating your symptoms rather than finding the root to your issue.  I have decided to take control of my healing journey and I'd love for you to join me.  Many of us are lacking the nutrients and minerals we need to survive.  I've suffered from anemia, asthma, anxiety, acne, high blood pressure, and allergies. One day I looked at all the pills I was prescribed and said "WTF is all this?!"  That is what drew me to the "natural approach."  It has helped me tremendously and there is no way I could not share it with the world.  Yemaya is the African Goddess of the living ocean.  She is motherly, strongly protective, and cares deeply for all her children; comforting and cleansing them.  I have channeled her energy, as well as my own, in my hands and I will use them to heal and bless myself and others.  All of my ingredients are organic and all natural and my products are handmade.  Cheers to the healing of our minds, bodies, and spirits.  I'm with you and believe in you, as I believe in myself, let the gift of my hands be of service to you.  God bless.  And remember, you are wonderfully and beautifully made... NEVER FORGET!!

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With all my love, Ashley


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